Folsomskolan, the Swedish School in Folsom, Sacramento, California, is a "homeschooling" school for Elementary and Middle School children who speak Swedish at home on a daily basis and can understand instructions in Swedish, communicate with others in Swedish and can read Swedish instructions. Folsomskolan consists of students who have at least one parent that is fluent in Swedish, and who wants to broaden and strengthen their language skills.

Our goal is to expand the children's Swedish language skills and stimulate its use in a fun and enjoyable way. We also focus on cultural and social aspects of Sweden.

We do not teach Swedish as a foreign language to beginner students. All parental communication is done in Swedish.

Folsomskolan meet once a week for a 90 minute lesson and is parent volunteer based. In between lessons, the children work at home with assignments and reading.

Please use the "Kontakt" page to get in touch with us to learn more about  Folsomskolan.



Läsåret 2016/2017 sträcker sig från 19 augusti till 16 december 2015 och 6 januari till 2 juni 2016.